Fujian Sinolong Industrial Co., Ltd.

The expert of high-performance polymer

Fujian Sinolong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sinolong) is a member of Sinolong Science and Technology Group, it was established in 2012, and focusing on the R&D, production and sale of PA6 resin. As the largest manufacturer and supplier of film grade polyaimde 6 resin in China, Sinolong was started by manufacturing film grade polyaimde 6 chips. The production of film requires high on the upstream raw material including the purity, quality and other aspects of nylon resin, so Sinolong imported full set of advanced production equipment and technology, joint our experienced R & D center with university for professional technical support, adopting scientific management mode, product quality has s been in a leading position.
In recent years, Sinolong keep high-quality development and gradually expanded the scale of production and sales.

As one of the experts in high-performance polymer industry, our products cover film grade polyamide, high temperature resistant polyamide and other high-performance polyamide materials, which are widely used in functional film, automobiles and electrical fields,etc. Among them, the production and marketing scale of high-functional film grade polyamide are in the world leading position.

Sinolong is located in Quanzhou that is the southeast coastal city of China, with a total area of 130,000 square meters. At present, the first phase of the 'high-performance polyamide material' project has been completed, it put into operation in 2017, with an annual capacity of 145,000 tons. The second phase project is under planning and construction, with a total planning of annual capacity 480,000 tons of high-performance polymer materials.



Beside, Sinolong won the prize of the national green factory, Fujian province science and technology enterprises and Fujian province industrial leading enterprise, etc, promote high-end, intelligent, green development of our company. Sinolong adhering to the mission of " Better material, Better life ", is committed to becoming a leader in high-performance polymer industry, continuously providing high quality products and services for global sustainable development.

Our Culture

Our Mission

Better materials, Better life

Our Vision

To be the leader in high-performance polymer industry

Our Management Concept

Activating talents, customer oriented innovation

Core Value

Innovation, collaboration, responsibility, learning and growth

Our Honors

partner (1)

National Green Factory

partner (2)

Leading Cultivation Enterprises of Fujian Province Industry

partner (3)

Fujian Province Technology Giant Leading Enterprises

partner (4)

Science and Technology Enterprise

partner (5)

Leading Industry Enterprise in Quanzhou City

partner (6)

Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Digital Workshop in Quanzhou City

partner (7)

Vice Chairman Unit of Petrochemical Industry Chain Technology Innovation Alliance in Hui 'an County

Development Concept

We always link the “needs” at the present with the “possibility” in the future and take it as the guide:

Our company strategy is to achieve integrated and diversified development, promote the multi-directional extension of the industrial chain.

We have created an investment management system for industrial synergy and empowerment, and promoted the overall industrial chain layout and integrated development of new materials.

We have established a product development model of 'explore generation, pre-research generation, and development generation', taking the undetected needs of customers as an important basis for our innovation.

At the same time, we integrate the concept of sustainability into all our operations.