Sustainable Development

We are committed to sustainable development,
Create a more sustainable and better future for the world.

National Green Factory

We are a part of building a global low-carbon economy. We believe that to succeed in today's global market, we must embed the concept of sustainable development into our business. Therefore, we integrate the environmental, social and economic impacts of sustainable development into our core business strategy. We have won the national honors “National Green Factory".

In Sinolong Industrial, we constantly challenge ourselves and try our best to provide better innovation, from helping our customers (even their customers) achieve successful solutions and sustainable development goals. At the same time, we actively respond to the national development strategy, make every effort to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote our carbon neutralization process. We firmly believe that sustainable environment is the best wealth left to our future generations.

future generations

For example

In response to the strategic goal of "Made in China 2025" on "comprehensively promoting green manufacturing", Sinolong industrial aims to build a world-class green factory with ultra-low energy consumption, intelligent control, reasonable construction planning, advanced technology, efficient recycling of resources and comprehensive and effective energy saving measures. Currently, we practice the green development concept in green material selection, efficient equipment selection, green product development, production process planning and other links:

Choose caprolactam and other green production materials, reduce the use of harmful substances polluting the environment;

The intelligent conveying and feeding system is adopted to solve the problems of low production efficiency and high labor intensity, and outstanding energy-saving achievements are achieved;

A number of green products have been developed and energy consumption per unit product has been continuously reduced;

Continuously improve the green rate of manufacturing technology and manufacturing process, and reduce the impact on environmental resources.

We take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the direction, and achieve our goals through the following actions

Green Supply Chain Management

Green management is implemented vertically in the whole chain. Through green guidance and green procurement, upstream and downstream enterprises are encouraged to carry out green transformation and upgrading, and a perfect green supply chain system is established.

Energy Conservation And Emission Reduction

Through energy conservation, emission reduction and the application of new technologies, our comprehensive energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have decreased year by year. Our emission control level is currently at the highest level in the industry.

Using Clean Energy

We use clean energy and apply it in every link of production and operation.

Energy Recycled

In production, we have achieved recyclable reuse technology to ensure that every energy can be used efficiently.

Cleaner Production

We will deepen the green supply chain into production links, reduce resource waste from the source, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, and reduce the use of hazardous substances and pollutant emissions.

System Guarantee

We are responsible and strict on the implementation of unified standards. Our products comply with the European Union and other international regulations on food, drugs and chemicals. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, Sinolong industrial has carried out a series of system assurance certification from the aspects of quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management, energy management, etc. It has cooperated with CTI, SGS and other authoritative testing institutions for a long time to earnestly fulfill our commitment to the public.

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