Innovative R&D

R&D direction

High performance polyamide materials

We focus on the field of high-performance polyamide materials, including BOPA polyamide resin, coextruded polyamide resin, engineering plastic polyamide resin, high-speed spinning polyamide resin, civil spinning polyamide resin, industrial fiber polyamide resin, copolymerized polyamide resin, high-temperature polyamide PPA resin and more research directions in more subdivided fields.

Differential film grade polyamide resin

Cooperate with industry leading manufacturers of high-performance BOPA film and co extruded film materials, and jointly carry out research and development of differential film grade polyamide.


New engineering plastics polyamide resin

Cooperate with domestic well-known plastic modification manufacturers to carry out research on new engineering plastics such as high barrier, halogen-free flame retardant, nanocomposite, nylon elastomer, etc.

R&D and manufacturing (2)

Special polyamide resin

Carry out research and development of special polyamides such as co-polyamide, transparent polyamide, high-temperature resistant polyamide, and long carbon chain polyamide.

R&D and manufacturing (3)

Scientific research force

Sinolong Industrial is committed to building a globally open, industry-leading and efficient R&D system, fully integrating the industry's first-class resources inside and outside the enterprise, and providing inexhaustible power for the enterprise's sustainable innovation and development.

We have an external team composed of material experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of chemical technology and an independent R & D team composed of hundreds of engineers, and has built a strong relationship with scientific research institutes and senior experts such as Xiamen University and Quangang Petrochemical Research Institute of Fujian Normal University.

Most of the R & D personnel are from polymer materials and engineering, material science and environment, material processing engineering, chemistry and other related majors. They are not only highly-skilled, but also can capture the trend of the industry and react to the market.

Latest achievements

We have launched a new high-speed spinning polyamide resin, which is applicable to many industries

Textile Manufacturing. Circular knitted fabric. Textile factory in spinning production line and a rotating machinery and equipment production company. Clothing industry. Manufacturing textile fabrics.

  Applicable to spinning industry

It has the advantages of high fluidity, high dyeability and stable batch production, meeting the requirements of microfiber, FDY, HOY and other fields in the spinning industry.

Detail of the new gasoline engine.

Applicable to engineering plastics industry

It has the characteristics of high fluidity, strong impact resistance and good wear resistance, and has good market performance in the field of engineering plastics modification and direct injection molding.