Choosing the right fabric for winter running is key.

Choosing the right fabric for winter running is key.

Although nearly two-thirds of the country has entered winter, many experienced runners will insist on running outdoors and sweating no matter how hot or cold it is. When exercising in a low-temperature environment for a long time, it is no longer difficult to balance the internal and external temperatures of the body and have a sustained and comfortable exercise experience. With the innovation of material technology, as long as you choose the right sportswear with powerful materials, you can easily run throughout the winter.

So, how to choose suitable sportswear for winter running? First of all, you should follow the three-layer dressing principle, that is, close-fitting and quick-drying, the middle layer is warm, and the outer layer is windproof.

The three-layer dressing principle is sufficient to meet the needs of winter outdoor sports in most areas. Among them, the "sweat-wicking" layer: the close-fitting inner layer needs to meet the functions of perspiration and quick-drying, usually made of nylon fabric, such as quick-drying clothes and sportswear; the "cold-proof" layer: isolates the outside cold air and has the function of heat preservation, usually made of Made of artificial cotton, down or fleece materials, such as thin cotton jackets and thin down jackets; "windproof" layer: It has the functions of windproof, snowproof and wear-resistant, usually made of nylon fabric, such as jackets and jackets.

It is worth mentioning that high-quality nylon is one of the most widely used materials for "sweat-wicking" and "windproof" layers. It has become the first choice of many sportswear brands because of its excellent wear resistance, windproof, moisture absorption and breathability Material.

Nylon is polyamide fiber. It is a material with excellent wear resistance, elasticity and hygroscopicity. Sportswear made of it is extremely comfortable, sweat-absorbent, breathable and not stuffy. As a raw material supplier of high-performance polyamide 6 fiber, the spinning-grade polyamide 6 resin independently developed and produced by Sinolong has the characteristics of excellent batch stability, high dyeing performance and excellent spinnability. The physical properties such as content and monomer content are excellent. These advantages enable Sinolong to supply high-quality spinning-grade polyamide 6 resin to domestic and foreign customers for a long time, empowering the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry from the material side.

Sinolong's spinning grade polyamide 6 resin is mainly processed into nylon fiber through melt spinning. It has four major characteristics when used in sportswear:

Strong wear resistance: The wear resistance of nylon fiber ranks first among all fabrics, which can give nylon fabrics extremely strong durability. Whether it is friction during exercise or high-frequency use, nylon fiber can effectively resist wear and tear.

Good elasticity: excellent elastic recovery, providing better freedom of movement during exercise, and the clothing is flat, wide, and not easy to wrinkle, which can better adapt to large-scale body movements and maintain the comfort of clothing.

Easy to dye: Excellent dyeing performance, can accept coloring with various dyes, achieving a wide range of color choices. This makes sportswear made of nylon fabrics always full of personality and meets athletes' needs for fashion and personalization.

Good moisture absorption and breathability: Nylon fiber can quickly absorb sweat on the surface of the skin and evaporate quickly, keeping the inside of the clothing dry and comfortable. This characteristic allows sportswear to effectively regulate body temperature, maintain comfort, and reduce discomfort or adverse effects caused by sweat.

Nowadays, various types of running groups, ranging from marathon events popular across the country to cross-country running, city running, night running, etc., are growing day by day. This not only reflects people’s enthusiasm for running, but it is also inseparable from various types of running sports with powerful functions and comfortable experience Sports equipment. As an expert in polymeric materials, Sinolong focuses on the R&D, innovation, production and supply of spin-grade polyamide 6 resin, and continues to provide material technology products with reliable quality and excellent performance for various sports fields such as running, to help national sports and health.

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Post time: Dec-12-2023