Escorting “Double 11″, how can vacuum packaging lead “freshness” from afar?

Escorting “Double 11″, how can vacuum packaging lead “freshness” from afar?

Every year during the "Double 11" shopping festival, hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers will embark on a "buy, buy, buy" consumption spree. According to monitoring data from the State Post Bureau, postal express companies across the country handled a total of 4.272 billion parcels during Double Eleven in 2022, with the average daily processing volume being 1.3 times the daily business volume.

In the complex logistics and transportation process, how to ensure that food products are delivered to customers intact and fresh as before? In addition to being efficient enough in transportation and distribution, it also needs technological support such as cold chain security, sterilization technology, and vacuum packaging. Among them, functional film materials in vacuum packaging are indispensable.

Vacuum packaging bags can effectively block oxygen, carbon dioxide, and bacteria, lock in freshness, preserve flavor, and extend the shelf life of food, and are widely used in the food industry. In addition, vacuum packaging bags can also be used as basic protection for shoes, clothing, and bags to isolate air to prevent moisture, mold, and scratches. As a protective film for electronic products such as cameras and lenses, it can also prevent moisture and dust.


Where does the secret to this powerful vacuum packaging function come from? Take the high-barrier multi-layer nylon co-extruded film vacuum bag as an example. The base material used is high-performance film-grade polyamide material.


As the world's leading supplier of high-performance film-grade polyamide, the high-performance polyamide 6 slices independently developed and produced by Sinolong provide a solution for physical freshness locking of food packaging from the material side. Through bidirectional stretching and multi-layer It is processed into nylon 6 film through various processing methods such as extrusion, which greatly improves the oxygen barrier properties and freshness storage period of the packaging, and comprehensively helps to upgrade the safety of express transportation. It has several advantages:

First, high barrier and efficient freshness locking

Nylon 6 film made of polyamide material and other base materials through a multi-layer co-extrusion process can give full play to the high barrier properties of polyamide materials and achieve high barrier effects against oxygen, carbon dioxide, bacteria, etc., and is used in vacuum bag packaging , the freshness-locking effect far exceeds that of ordinary materials.

Second, high performance and multi-function

Polyamide materials have excellent mechanical properties and can significantly enhance the tear resistance and puncture resistance of nylon films. They can be used in vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, etc. to give them outstanding functionality.

The third, food grade is more reliable

Produced in accordance with international standards, all product parameters are strictly controlled and comply with international food, drug, chemical standards and regulatory requirements such as ROHS, FDA, and REACH. Green and environmentally friendly food-grade raw materials better protect food safety.

Sinolong’s Film Grade Polyamide Application Fields


Through technological innovation, Sinolong has so far developed a series of polyamide materials with excellent comprehensive properties, continuing to support consumption upgrades, and continuously providing high-quality, High performance raw materials.

Post time: Oct-31-2023