Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin

Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin

Our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin is specially formulated for producing high-quality and long-lasting yarns with exceptional strength, durability, and performance. Through a series of superior polymerization process, it ensures the excellent spinnability and uniform molecular weight distribution of our spinning grade nylon for various high-quality yarns.

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Product characteristics

Our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin is an advanced and ideal raw material for producing high-performance fibers (PA6 fibers) that meet the demanding needs of various industries. Whether you are looking for strong and durable material for textile manufacturing, carpet, our polyamide resin offers exceptional performance, quality, and value.

Product Parameters

Parameter Value
Appearance White Granule
Relative Viscosity* 2.4-2.8
Moisture Content ≤0.06%
Melting Point 220℃

*: (25℃, 96% H2SO4, m:v=1:100)

Product Grade


Product Details

Our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin is made from high-quality caprolactam , ensuring its exceptional performance, consistency, and quality. The resin is processed by superior polymerization process, resulting in uniform molecular weight distribution and excellent dyeability performance.
The resin's high molecular weight and excellent thermal stability make it ideal for producing high-strength fibers that can withstand extreme temperatures, abrasion, and chemicals. Its exceptional tensile strength and elongation properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, like carpet , leather, sofa.

Product Features

biaoqian Exceptional strength and durability
biaoqian High-performance spinnability
biaoqian Excellent thermal stability
biaoqian Uniform molecular weight distribution

biaoqian Low moisture content
biaoqian Superior tensile strength and elongation properties
biaoqian Good dyeability

Product Advantages

Our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin offers several advantages over other materials. Its excellent stability and amino content ensure the fiber quality and production efficiency, and improve the dyeing performance of the subsequent dyeing process. And it has a terminal amino content far exceeding the industry standard, giving the yarn the excellent dyeability.
Its superior spinnability and uniform molecular weight distribution enable the production of consistent and high-quality yarns, reducing wastage and costs.

Product Applications and Installation

Our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin is suitable for a wide range of applications, like carpet yarn, superfine fiber. The resin can be easily processed by using various spinning techniques, including melt spinning, to produce high-quality and consistent fibers. Our team of experts can provide guidance and support throughout the installation process, ensuring that you achieve the best results with our PA6 resin.
If you are looking for a reliable and high-performance solution for producing durable and long-lasting fibers, our Civil Spinning Grade Polyamide Resin is the perfect choice. With exceptional strength, performance, and value, it offers a superior alternative to other materials.

bath towels

nylon BCF carpet yarn
durable and long-lasting fibers
superfine fiber

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