Film Grade Polyamide Resin

Film Grade Polyamide Resin

Our film grade polyamide resin is specially designed for high-quality film applications, providing excellent clarity, flexibility, and toughness. With superior thermal stability and chemical resistance, it is the perfect choice for packaging, laminating, and other film applications where performance and durability are essential.

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Product Parameters

Property Value
Appearance White pellets
Relative Viscosity* 2.8-4.0
Moisture Content ≤ 0.06%
Melting Point 220°C

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Product Details

Our film grade polyamide resin is a high-performance polymer that is widely used in the packaging industries. It is a transparent and flexible material that provides excellent mechanical properties, such as toughness, elongation, and impact resistance. Our production line was specially designed by Uhde Inventa-Fischer to meet the food contact standards and ensure the stable molecular weight distribution of resin.

The key features of our film grade polyamide resin is its excellent mechanical properties and stable chemical properties, such as excellent strength, tensile properties, shrinkage, transparency and other indicators, making the film have excellent puncture resistance, barrier and temperature resistance, etc. It is the ideal high quality raw material for BOPA film, nylon casting film, nylon co-extrusion film and other films, which are widely used in food packaging, medical packaging, express packaging, daily chemical packaging, industrial films and other fields. It has a melting point of 220°C and can withstand exposure to acids, bases, and solvents.

Product Advantages

biaoqian   Excellent clarity and transparency
biaoqian   Good mechanical properties
biaoqian   High thermal stability

biaoqian   Excellent chemical resistance
biaoqian   Low moisture absorption
biaoqian  Good printability

Product Applications

Our film grade polyamide resin is suitable for a wide range of film applications, including:
● Food packaging, such as pouches, bags, and wrapping films
● Medical packaging, such as blister packs and IV bags
Our film grade polyamide resin is an excellent choice for high-quality film applications that require excellent performance and meeting food contact standards. It can be can be processed by using a variety of techniques, including co-extrusion, blown film, and cast film. With its superior thermal stability and mechanical properties, it is the perfect choice for food packaging, flexible packaging and other film applications where performance and durability are essential.

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  • Sinolong is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of polyamide resin, products include BOPA PA6 resin, co-extrusion PA6 resin, high-speed spinning PA6 resin, industrial silk PA6 resin, engineering plastic PA6 resin, co-PA6 resin, high temperature polyamide PPA resin and other series of products. The products have wide range of viscosity, stable molecular weight distribution, excellent mechanical properties and good processing performance. They are widely used in BOPA film, nylon co-extrusion film, civil spinning, industrial spinning, fishing net, high-end fishing line, automobile, electronic and electrical fields. Among them, the production and marketing scale of film-grade high-performance polyamide materials is in word leading position. High-performance film grade polyamide resin.

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