Differentiated polyamide resin

Differentiated polyamide resin

Differentiated polyamide resin is our special nylon material. Compared with traditional nylon materials, differentiated polyamide(PA6) resin has higher strength, better wear resistance and better flowability, and can be widely used in film, automotive, electronics, spinning and other fields because it can provide excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

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Differentiated polyamide resin is our innovative polyamide (PA6) chips developed in combination with the application needs of downstream customers, our company imported advanced polymerisation production lines from Uhde Inventa-fischer. From batching, polymerisation, pelletizing, extraction to drying, and finally to packing into the warehouse, the entire production process is highly automated, with the world's leading continuous flexible polymerisation technology, specifically for the raw materials of high quality film. The production process is specially designed to produce high quality polyamide resins.
In recent years, we have joined hands with downstream plastic modification manufacturers, spinning manufacturers and film suppliers to carry out research and development in the field of polyamide resin and other niche areas, and continue to make breakthroughs in technology, have gained dozens of core technology patents.
Besides, we also joined hands with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Xiamen University and Fujian Normal University's Quan Gang Petrochemical Research Institute to carry out special technical cooperation, making full use of internal and external R&D resources to form an open and efficient R&D system.

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Product application

Film Field
in order to improve the tensile properties and film properties of biaxially oriented nylon film and co-extruded nylon film, the impact properties and elongation at break have been improved to varying degrees after modification of nylon 6 resin by additives, and the biaxially oriented film prepared by modified nylon has higher mechanical properties and lower haze, with better overall performance, and can be used for packaging meat, fish, seafood, easily oxidized food, vegetable products and other food products. vegetable products and other food products.

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Engineering plastics field
differentiated polyamide resin can have high flowability, which makes processing with good release performance, easy molding process, can be used for direct injection or for modified plastics, with high performance advantages in mechanical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc., widely used in electronic and electrical, automotive parts, machinery, aerospace and other fields.

Engineering plastics field

transparent car and interior parts

New Car Interior

Spinning field
Differentiated polyamide resins can give nylon fibers higher spinnability and dyeing properties, which have good response in the end apparel brands and help the development of functionalized apparel.

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Other high-performance Applications

If you need differentiated nylon products and add some additives, you can consult our professional scientific research personnel. We have many years of experience in research and development and manufacturing, and can provide solutions for various differentiated products. According to your specific needs, we can develop and explore ways to improve the performance of materials, with more excellent product characteristics. At the same time, we will provide relevant technical support services to ensure that you receive satisfactory differentiated nylon products.

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  • Sinolong is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of polyamide resin, products include BOPA PA6 resin, co-extrusion PA6 resin, high-speed spinning PA6 resin, industrial silk PA6 resin, engineering plastic PA6 resin, co-PA6 resin, high temperature polyamide PPA resin and other series of products. The products have wide range of viscosity, stable molecular weight distribution, excellent mechanical properties and good processing performance. They are widely used in BOPA film, nylon co-extrusion film, civil spinning, industrial spinning, fishing net, high-end fishing line, automobile, electronic and electrical fields. Among them, the production and marketing scale of film-grade high-performance polyamide materials is in word leading position. High-performance film grade polyamide resin.

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