Special polyamide resin

Special polyamide resin

Special nylon plastic with good processing properties and excellent mechanical properties.

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Special polyamide resins cover copolyamide resin, high temperature polyamide resin, long carbon chain polyamide resin and other polyamide materials, with excellent features like high strength, good wear resistance. Through the process of multi-layer co-extrusion, modification / injection molding and other processing methods to produce food packaging films, electronic connectors, bearings and other products. Special nylon widely used in packaging films, automotive, electronic appliances and other industries.

biaoqian  Product specifications:RV:2.0-4.0

biaoqian  Quality control:

Application Quality control index Unit Values
Special polyamide resin Relative viscosity* M1±0.07
Moisture content % ≤0.06
Hot Water Extractable % ≤0.5

*:(25℃, 96% H2SO4, m:v=1:100)
M1:Relative viscosity center value

Product Grade





Product application

Copolyamide is prepared by condensation polymerization of PA6 and PA66 in different ratio. It has good processing properties, excellent mechanical properties, high barrier properties and optical properties, meet the requirements of manufacturing high-performance films, monofilaments, engineering plastics and other products. And it is widely used as the raw materials of plastic packaging, monofilaments, electronic components, auto parts and other products.


High temperature nylon
High temperature nylon has the advantages of great heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, excellent fluidity and stability, which meet the high material requirements of downstream products, help automobile lightweight, promote the development of plastic instead of steel. High temperature nylon is widely used in electronic connectors, automobiles, mechanical parts and other products.


Long carbon chain nylon
Due to its special structure, long carbon chain nylon is able to make up for the shortcomings caused by short carbon chains, and has good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, better fatigue resistance, low temperature resistance, high wear resistance, etc. It is an ideal material for making automotive hoses, electronic appliances, and also widely used in manufacturing plastic food packaging, car industry and other industries.

Long carbon chain nylon

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  • Sinolong is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of polyamide resin, products include BOPA PA6 resin, co-extrusion PA6 resin, high-speed spinning PA6 resin, industrial silk PA6 resin, engineering plastic PA6 resin, co-PA6 resin, high temperature polyamide PPA resin and other series of products. The products have wide range of viscosity, stable molecular weight distribution, excellent mechanical properties and good processing performance. They are widely used in BOPA film, nylon co-extrusion film, civil spinning, industrial spinning, fishing net, high-end fishing line, automobile, electronic and electrical fields. Among them, the production and marketing scale of film-grade high-performance polyamide materials is in word leading position. High-performance film grade polyamide resin.

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